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 Wed, 26. Jul. 2017

AgentUDE won the Power TAC 2017 Competition!

Power TAC 2017 Games were held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands on June 28-29, 2014, in Erasmus Energy Forum. AgentUDE took the first place among 8 brokers. More details can be found at

Power TAC offers a competitive simulation platform for the future electric power markets by enabling new actors such as local producers, storage units, interruptible (shiftable) consumers and so on. First demonstration was held in 2012 as part of the Thirteenth Annual Trading Agent Competition and then it proceeded to 2013 Finals until 2017 Final games. 2017 brought more challanges to all teams due to their cumulative experience. Therefore, each year brokers get smarter. Despite the challange, our chair managed to take the first place out of eight brokers, using smart algorithms. Top three positions are occupied as follows:
  1. AgentUDE
  2. fimtac
  3. SPOT
Final rankings can be found here. AgentUDE project is being conducted by Serkan Özdemir and Prof. Dr. Rainer Unland as a part of smart grid studies. Click here for the dedicated AgentUDE homepage.