AgentUDE: A broker agent in a competitive smart grid environment

Welcome to the official page of AgentUDE team. 

AgentUDE is a broker agent in Power Trading Agent Competition (Power TAC). AgentUDE has been competing in Power TAC since 2014. The rankings we achieved are:

  • 2014 Finals, 1st Position
  • 2015 Finals, 4th Position
  • 2016 Finals, 3rd Position
  • 2017 Finals, 1st Position
  • 2018 Finals, 1st Position

Current team members are:

If you want to use AgentUDE in your research, please download our binaries, listed below. You will find the instructions in a "Read Me" text file to get started.

  • download AgentUDE17, competed in Power TAC 2017 Finals.
  • download AgentUDE16, competed in Power TAC 2016 Finals.
  • download AgentUDE15, competed in Power TAC 2015 Finals.
  • download AgentUDE14, competed in Power TAC 2014 Finals.

Besides, please have a look at our latest working paper to find more information about AgentUDE:

Ozdemir, S., & Unland, R. (2017, January). The strategy and architecture of a winner broker in a renowned agent-based smart grid competition. In Web Intelligence (Vol. 15, No. 2, pp. 165-183). IOS Press.


Figure: Power TAC scenario.

AgentUDE is a project of the "Chair of Data Management Systems and Knowledge Representation" at the University of Duisburg-Essen.